Foundation Ltd. Limited company

  • The basic and most common type of company in the country.
  • The share capital is divided into shares whose owners are entered in the Commercial Register.
  • Total price for the establishment Ltd. is 790  using equity, respectively. 990 € for the use of our capital
  • As the only proof in establishing Ltd. need to measure identity card or passport.

Foundation Ltd. is the most common way to create a new company. However, it may take several months and is associated with many obstacles. Although recently seen efforts to simplify the process, remains one of the most complicated CR in Europe. Trying to be the first time can be a source of frustration and feelings of "what-might-not-possible" or "as-me - this-should-attack." Therefore, it is better to entrust the establishment Ltd. experts.


Managing Company Ltd. is unlimited liability company in all its affairs. He is appointed companion for a fixed or indefinite period, of course, provided that its function can take. In addition to essentially unlimited rights is important to keep in mind also that the executive has the leadership Ltd. responsibility. Although not unlimited, but clearly defined as "to act with due diligence."In practice, that means doing unnecessary expenses and carefully weigh whom and under what conditions to sell deferred. In the event of an error can be called to account, ie compensation of damages from its own resources.


In other words, the owner of the company, but not for it act outwardly respectively. only to appoint himself as executive Ltd. If more members, any decision made by an absolute majority. One individual may be the sole member of more than three Ltd. Limited liability company that has a sole shareholder can not be the sole shareholder in another company (no chaining).


Create ltd you with the lowest capital 8 000 €. This amount is to be paid to the bank during the loading process. After registration based Company Ltd. in the Commercial Register finances released and can be used to run the company.


Each Ltd. established by law must have its registered office. This is the place where it is managed, where it goes and where the post office can have discussions with the authorities. Head Office can provide you see. section providing an office or company will need approval property owner (pattern here).

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