Establishing a company in England

  •      UK Limited is a financially demanding at least a foreign company for the acquisition and management
  •      Company in England provides greater respectability and prestige in comparison with conventional, often discussed, tax havens.
  •      In English society in the Register only visible founder, downstream shareholders are then recorded only in internal documents to the public and are anonymous.
  •      Company in England may also have an anonymous bearer shares (bearer shares).
  •      As the only company in Europe, we also offer ready-made European Society of Great Britain. It can always move their headquarters to another state.
  •      With the British companies can do business in the Czech Republic and there be a VAT payer.
  •      The British company is not required for criminal records.
  •      British Society for we can arrange within 24 hours, apostilovaný original extract from AB within a week.
  •      You do not have to go anywhere, we can handle everything from Bohemia.
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