European company SE

  • Most prestigious form of company with  an European image
  • The possibility of transfer to another EU country
  • Min. 1 member of management organ and 1 member of supervisory organ
  • Everything else is similar to Czech company.
  • Price of the tailor-made SE company is 2490 EUR if you have own capital or 2990 EUR if you use our capital.

European society is a relatively new legal form. It is based on the model of joint-stock company, but also some of the specifics, especially the option to relocate its headquarters to any EU country. This legal form is also a highly prestigious and operate under it even giants such as Allianz, Porsche or ISTROKAPITAL.


The company may have only one board member, who manages and represents in all matters.


In the two-tier arrangement is a European company in addition to the Board of Directors also a supervisory board. It is however, as with as very formal and has virtually no powers. The advantage of European society is that you only need one member of supervisory Board.


A specific feature of European society is the possibility of so-called monistic structure, ie it has only a single governing body - the board of directors. This must be at least three members each of its members can act independently.


Capital stock of the Company is converted from EUR to the Crown and is at least 120 000 EUR. Like the Czech Inc. is divided into shares, which are the owners and their holders and provides full anonymity.


The company is "equipped" one unique abilities, and move residence within the EU. Simultaneously with the change of residence will also change its jurisdiction ie nationality. Whenever it is convenient for you, you can in a few months to move headquarters to another state.

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