Foreign Companies


  • There are the same type of companies in Slovakia as in the Czech republic (s.r.o., a.s., SE)
  • We sell Slovakian ready-made s.r.o. only for 990 EUR.
  • We provide virtual office services (in Bratislava) as well as accounting.
  • You can operate with Slovakian company also in the Czech jurisdiction.
  • There is no witholding tax in Slovakia.


  • We provide in Poland as complex services as in the Czech republic.
  • The price of ready-made Polish limited company (Sp. Z o.o.) is only 1390 EUR.
  • We provide virtual office services (in Warsaw or Wroclaw) as well as accounting.

Great Britain

  • British company is very convenient for low-cost reasons (590EUR for ready-made company, 150EUR/year for office)
  • Great Britain represents more seriously-looking jurisdiction than usual tax heavens.
  • The beneficial owners can be effectively hidden.
  • You can operate in the Czech republic and be also tax liable here.
  • Or you can open branch in Bulgaria and be tax liable here (10% income tax).


  • The typical tax heaven with all pros and cons. There is no obligation to have accounting or pay taxes here.
  • The beneficial owners are not publicly visible.
  • You can use nominee services for more anonymity.
  • The offshore company is convenient as a roof of your company structure.
  • Cons: controversial image, barriers for EU operations, complicated (and expenses) bank services
  • Our prices start from 790 EUR.
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